Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Family Connection

The last month has seen quite some upheaval. I've had some surgery and can only sit or stand for short periods. I'm recovering well I think, but during my convalescence I'm trying to avoid just staring at the TV, so thoughts come back to this blog and Robert Gooding Henson.

I was in the middle of investigating the family tree and the precise link to Robert Gooding Henson. This was to be a project I would work on with my father. Sadly, suddenly a couple of weeks ago, my father died.

We had been told that RG Henson was my father's grandmother's sister's son, but this wasn't all that clear as my parents come from a generation where their parents knew little and shared less about family history. In a poor mining community in South Wales, the priority was bringing up children and putting food on the table. We had begun to dig around a bit more.

My father's maternal grandmother was Mary Tucker, from Devon. She had a number of siblings, one of whom was Lucy Tucker. Lucy married Robert Henson, and they had a son whom they named after Robert's father: Robert Gooding Henson. They moved to Somerset, where they took on the farm there. The further records that I've been able to uncover state that, as suspected, RG Henson died of wounds on 22nd April 1917 but as yet I don't know how those wounds were inflicted.

So, for my Dad as much as for myself, the investigation continues...

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